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Always Clean Energy

Absorb the sun’s rays for generating electricity.

Easy Installation

Enjoy the limitless power of solar technology at home.

Low Installation Costs

Save more than 20% on electricity bills.

Resilience & Durability

With solar panels, you will always have your own power.

Multiple Applications

Save the environment and secure energy for your home.

Renewable Energy

An energy source that can never be depleted.

Panels with a Sleek, Low-Profile Design

Our solar panels blend into your roof with integrated front skirts and no visible mounting hardware. The result is a clean, streamlined look.

Meet Our Team

Our professionals

Mr. Vedant Rathi

Mr. Vedant Rathi

Founder & CEO

Nickname: The Power Source Home Planet: The Earth Speaks the SolarLanguage Actively Works Towards a World Run Purely by Clean Energy A rare breed amongst business professionals, Vedant went on…

Mr. Lalit Boob

Mr. Lalit Boob

Business Development Head

Nickname: The Money Maker Home Planet: The Earth Speaks Every Commercial Dialect Drives Everyday Expansion of the Solar Business A through and through business person with a decadelong experience in…

Mr. Aniket Mahajan

Mr. Aniket Mahajan

Engineering Head

Nickname: The Engineering Wizard Home Planet: The Earth Technical Talks Only Spearheads Smart and Sustainable Solar Engineering Projects A Masters in Structural Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts and…

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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