Mr. Vedant Rathi

Founder & CEO

Nickname: The Power Source
Home Planet: The Earth
Speaks the SolarLanguage

Actively Works Towards a World Run Purely by Clean Energy

A rare breed amongst business professionals, Vedant went on to complete his Masters in Clean Energy from Dartmouth, with a vision to enter a unique realm of business. Having worked with the energy division of The Brattle Group and SunFunder, he worked for 3 years in the solar sector before his move to India in August 2015, which gave way to the establishment of weRsolar after extensive planning. He was recognized with The ’51 Most Influential Solar Leaders’ at World Solar Congress, Feb 2019, and ‘Promising Engineer Award 2016’ by the Institute of Engineers for this pilot start-up catering to the solar energy needs of clients.

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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